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Floor Tools

This section contains plant items like our Floor Sanding range which includes Floor sander (204mm wide)  Edge sander and Finish sander, Beaver 250 electric powered Vinyl stripper (on concrete floor).

Floor cramps, Floor board lifters, Hilti shoot down gun (for frame fixing timber to Concrete), Floor polisher and carpet Rug kickers.

We have recently added to our range a new product called a tile smasher, this comprises a Hitachi 16 kg electric jack hammer mounted on a purpose built trolley and fitted with a special head and blade when combined the removal of ceramic tiles becomes a lot easier.



View EquipmentEdge sander

Timber floor snader designed to sand up to the edges of a floor to the wall, used in conjunction with a floor sander.



View EquipmentFloor sander

Sanding floor boards



View EquipmentHilti shoot down gun

Explosive nail gun by Hilti powered by low velocity percussion cartridges. Fires steel pins/nails through timber into concrete.




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