Bendigo Hire

Drills and bits

Bendigo Hire offers a diverse range of drills for the DIY person or the trade professional.

We have air powered rock drills and steels to suit in various lengths.

Electric powered hammer drills for drilling through concrete of various sizes.

Collated screw guns for fixing plaster, petrol powered drills for driving wood augers for drilling holes in wood/wire fences, paint and glue stirring drills and concrete core drills and core bits to suit up to 125mm.
Magnetic based drills and broach cutters are available for more serious applications like drilling of steel girders or truck chassis.



View EquipmentConcrete core drill

Heavy Duty 240 volt core drill. This drill is capable of coring holes thru brick or concrete from 20mm - 127mm. Is fitted with water attachment and RCD protected powered switch. Great for precise hole size for doing wall or floor penetrations, can be used free hand or with drill stand.



View EquipmentCores to suit drill

Diamond tipped core bits of various diameters ranging from 20mm thru to 127mm, Prices vary depending on size required.

Used for coreing through concrete and brick walls or floors



View EquipmentHammer drill

240v light weight powerful Hitachi hammer drill. Great tool for drilling of masonary products like concrete or brick



View EquipmentLock Mortiser

Electric powered door lock mortise borer that bores precise mortise holes for fitment of door lock assemblys.




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