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Concrete Equipment

A vast range of concrete equipment includes items such as cement mixers, concrete grinders, trowellers, portavibes and many models of concrete saws. Some of these machines have both electric or  petrol versions depending on inside or outdoor use.

The sizing and types of blades are variable and can be changed on request for saws.

Other concreting tools such as bull floats, screeds are available for hire as well as small hand tool range being available for sale.



View EquipmentPortavibe

Whipper snipper type Honda 4 stroke engine portable concret vibrator 44mm shaft size.



View EquipmentPower trowel

4 Stroke petrol engine. 34 inch Flextool concret trowel. Used by professional concretors and DIY people for finishing off concrete slabs.



View EquipmentSoff Cut 150

As concrete hydrates and begins to set, it develops internal stresses. The objective in controlling shrinkage cracking is to relieve these stresses before they seek their own relief in the form of a random crack.

Soff-Cut® has the unique Ultra Early Entry dry-cutting system, which controls random cracking by making the cut at an early stage. The concrete can be cut within the first one or two hours of finishing and before final set.

By minimizing the risk of random cracking, this system simplifies the working process compared to conventional sawing.




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