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Our range of compaction products begin at the humble vibe plate which can be used  for compacting sand or gravel prior to paving , concrete preparation or for pathway formation work, Upright jumping jacks called rammers are used for trench compaction work where a narrow plate rammer is required. For those larger jobs we can use a pedestrian roller (Self propelled walk behind) which is great for more open space areas like small car park, shed floor or driveway. For driveways and road construction we have a  petrol driven 1.2 ton double drum sit on self propelled roller and the biggest in the fleet the double drum 2.5 ton sit on vibrating roller. Both the pedestrian and 1.2 ton rollers are available on their own purposely built trailer whilst the double drum roller has to be transported by tilt tray truck or similar.




View EquipmentCompaction Roller

Small double drum sit on roller with single drum vibrate. Honda petrol engine key start. Weighs 1200 Kg and is suitable for jobs like driveways, small car parks, slab preparation



View EquipmentPlate compactor

70 Kg Petrol powered compaction plate for preparing and compacting crushed rock during preperation for paving or concreting smaller areas.



View EquipmentTrench rammer

Wacker brand trench compactor fitted withpetrol engine (2 Stoke or 4 stroke). Uses jumping jack action to compact narrow trenches with back fill.




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