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We are proud to hire the No Bolt range of mobile scaffold. These mobile scaffolds are used in areas that require a Worksafe legal method of reaching that high ceiling or painting that gable, various sizes are available to various heights.

Frame sizes are 1200,1800,2400 or 3000mm. Can be fitted with wheels or Base jacks (flat steel feet)

Worksafe Vic requires a licenced scaffolder to erect any scaffold over a 4.0m platform height. ( 6.0m working height) That is 4.0m platform + 2.0m of body height

We also have smaller flat surface Rapid Scaff for those narrow passage jobs.

A large range of Platform ladders are also available.

Acrow props are used to support things like a veranda or during building construction to support multi level buildings.



View EquipmentPortable scaffold

Mobile and portable modular scaffold made of light weight aluminium that is fully Worksafe compliant. Can be fitted with wheels or base plates. Price varies depending on size as we have many various sizes and configurations available. 



View EquipmentPortable scaffold Rapid Scaff No Bolt

No Bolt aluminium scaffold that can be easily erected by 1 person. Great for home renevators




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