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Our range of pumps are made up of Electric submersible pumps for emptying swimming pools or water tanks through to larger petrol powered or even Diesel powered units for emptying dams or large volume water transfer.

Electric submersible pumps are simply lowered into the pond or pool and require no priming for operation.

Petrol engine powered flexdrive pumps are used for dirty muddy type water like building site footings or post holes

Diesel powered 75mm or 100mm units are more for moving large quantitys of water like dam emptying.

Various lenths and diamaters of hose are also available to suit the pumps.



View EquipmentPorta Pump

Whipper snipper type Honda 4 stroke powered portable pump. Sucks water thru the gauze filter attached to the bottom of the pump and transfers water via a 40mm outlet and 5 m hose.



View EquipmentWater pumps diesel

Portable diesel powered water transfer pumps in 75mm to 100mm capacity for moving larger volumes of water like emptying dams or swimming pools. Upto 3600 litres of water per minute can be achieved depending on situation and head height. Comes with layflat hose in 20 metre lengths (extra cost).



View EquipmentWater pumps petrol powered

Petrol drive engine that has a coupling that connects to a 6metre flex drive pump, used for dewatering on building sites for removing flood water from stump holes or foundations. Also used to empty small dams and swimming pools. Petrol engine and drive pump charged seperately, as the petrol drive engine has many uses, other than pumping.




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