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Protection and Safety

All jobs have hazards & risks and safety is the number one priority with any task to be undertaken. We have items such as Roof harness safety kits, Safety bollards and Witches hats, Plastic Barricade, Safety signs, Flashing lights, Confined space entry tripod and harness, platform ladders plus much more.



View EquipmentConfined space entry

Confined space entry tripod and associated full body harness for entry and retrival into confined space like pits etc.



View EquipmentLead Stand

Handy for work sites, these lead stands are a must to protect your leads from damage and to keep them up out of the way.



View EquipmentRoof Harness Kit

Roof kit containers full body harness, lanyard, caribener,15m grab rope and anchor strap. Used for safe access to roofs and are used by plumbers, antenna installers or other trades person working at height.




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