Bendigo Hire

Painting and Decorating

If you are a DIY person or a professional painter then we have the right gear for you,

Our comprehensive range includes Scaffold, Extension ladders, Platform Ladders, Step Ladders, Painters Trestles and Planks, Gas or Electric heat guns, Paint & Glue stirrers & Airless spray units just to name part of our range.

New item is a Giraffe sander & vaccuum for sanding of plaster board for ceilings and walls in a dust free environment.



View EquipmentAirless spray gun

Airless paint spraying of large areas such as houses,sheds,Fences,ceilings



View EquipmentExt ladders

Extension ladders are used for a variety of applications for accessing hard to get at high points around the home. Sizes range from 5.2m, 7.5m,8.85m and 10.8 m, prices vary from $20 a day up to $40 a day for the 10.8m.



View EquipmentPainters Trestles

Aluminium painters trestles commonly used for house paintingand also used for hedge trimming



View EquipmentStep Ladder

A versatile aluminium step ladder that is commonly used to access hard to reach heights that are not accessible by other safer means. Sizes that we stock are 1,8m, 2.4m,3m, 3.6m, 4.2m and 4.8m.




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