Bendigo Hire

Lawn and Garden

We have a comprehensive range of Garden equipment for the home or small commercial use.

Our diverse range includes Chippers and  Mulchers for cleaning up those tree branches.

Hedge Trimmers, Lawn Mowers (Big & Small).

Rotary Hoes and a Garden Tiller for turning & preparing soil for lawn or a vegetable garden.

We also hire a Stump Grinder and Turf Cutter (both towable) and Chain Saws (both electric & petrol engine) Plus much more!! including Hedge trimmers and lawn edgers



View EquipmentBrush Cutter

Powerful Honda 4 stroke engined brush cutter that is light weight and easy to start and operate. Great for cutting over grown vegatation and grass



View EquipmentChipper 100mm

Towable petrol powered fast and efficent chipper for recycling branches and small wooden limbs. Can handle harder dryer wood upto 100mm (4 inch). Turns brances into wood chips that are great for the garden



View EquipmentLarge mower (Slasher) Billy Goat

Tall Grass cutting mower, powered by Honda 4 stroke engine , 24 inch (60mm) wide cut. 3 speed cutting options. Will cut the tallest grass or brush with ease.



View EquipmentLawn Dethatcher

18" petrol Lawn dethatcher for thinning out lawn, severing weeds, declutters lawn.



View EquipmentLawn Mower

Honda Buffalo domestic lawn mower for cutting grass (or even your neighbours) comes with grass catcher. 



View EquipmentRotary hoe

Petrol engined hydraulic operation rotary hoe for turning garden soil or garden beds prior to planting or seeding lawn or plants

Also we have small petrol powered tiller for soft/loose dirt that needs to be fluffed up.



View EquipmentStump Muncher

Towable stump muncher suitable for domestic use, will chew through up to 10" in diameter stumps.




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