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We have a great range of generators ranging from 3 KVA through to 70 KVA.

Generators are available in either Petrol or Diesel engines, the smaller units (up to 10KVA) are 4 stroke petrol powered engines combined with a generator that produce 240 Volts are on steel frames fitted with wheels on the rear and lift handles on the front these units are all fitted with RCD's to ensure your safety whilst using them.

Our Diesel powered units range from 20 KVA through to 70 KVA and most can be towed behind a suitable vehicle. These units are fitted with 240 volt and also have 5 pin 32 amp 3 phase plugs fitted to them. Our range is made up of 20 kva, 22 kva, 30kva, 35 kva, 60 kva and 70 kva. All generators are fitted with RCD protected outlets. Some units can also be hard wired into switchboards, please speak to our staff about hard wire units and hard wire kits.

Various uses are temporary power for builders, shearers, camping, events, back up power supply for Industry and Commercial applications.



View EquipmentDiesel generator

Silenced temporary power source. Capable of producing Single or 3 phase power. Diesel powered. Various sizes depending on load and requirements sizes from 12 kva - 70 kva



View EquipmentInverter generator

Camping/small tools




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