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Air Compressors

Our air compressors range from portable 12cfm (cubic feet per minute) to 290 cfm towable units. The smaller units are either electric or petrol operated machines which can be used in smaller type domestic and commercial jobs. 

The electric compressors do not emit any carbon monoxide fumes so therefore can be used in an enclosed situation. Petrol types should only be used in outdoor or well ventilated conditions.

Our 33cfm air compressor is the only 3 phase powered unit we have.

Our range of tow  diesel powered portable air compressors range from 130cfm, 148cfm, 175cfm, 185cfm, 260cfm and 300cfm  are complemented by hoses as well to make your job easier.

Some air fittings may need to be altered to suit your individual needs.

All of the tow air compressors are capable of running multiple air powered tools at the one time.

The 260 and 300cfm units are the only units capable of running sandblasting equipment.



View EquipmentCFM 12 elec air comp

A small portable air compressed air source for operating small hand tools such as nail guns of various types, also used for spray painting and in small workshops



View EquipmentCFM 150 Towable Silenced Diesel Air Compressor

A towable silenced Diesel powered air compressor that is commonly used to provide compressed air for various tools like jackhammer, star post driver, air drills, rock drills



View EquipmentCFM 260 Towable Diesel Air Compressor

Towable Diesel powered 290 cfm silenced air compressor. Used mainly in larger commercial and industrial applications as a back up to fixed units on site during maintainance or break downs. Can also be used for running multiple air tools on construction sites.




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